The jury was blown away by the two-year-old drummer. Video

When a 2-year-old toddler can knock, nobody is shocked. Hugo Molina, however, performs it in time.

The young contestant, who was the youngest, showcased his outstanding drumming abilities. Despite being extremely young, he learned how to operate the drums properly on his own.

In order to prevent the infant from being startled, the presenter even begged the audience to refrain from excessive handclapping.He has genuine talent; it’s not simply playtime for children.

Hugo has drumsticks in his hands when his father seats him down at the instruments, but it’s not obvious if he knows what to play with them.

It was discovered that this tiny drummer is more than just a pretty face! He is indeed a musician. Dad just says,

‘How do we play the drums, Hugo?’ as the background music begins.The Semanasantu, the customary Easter parade, then begins. The talent captivated the judges.’

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