When the young boy saw his mother in her wedding dress, he suddenly started crying. Video

Weddings are joyful celebrations, but they can also be very emotional. During the course of the celebrations,

there may be occasions when the mother of the bride, the father of the groom, or even the parents of the happy couple may shed a tear or two or three.

In contrast, the child of the bride was the one who became overcome with emotion prior to the ceremony in one particular incident.

A video captures the first time 11-year-old Mekhi Sheffield saw his mother on her wedding day. When he saw her, young Mekhi experienced an emotional rollercoaster. He sobbed uncontrollably.

Mekhi’s mother poses in her wedding dress at the start of the film and inquires as to whether he is prepared to lead her down the aisle. A few seconds later, Mekhi is crying, and his face is wet.

Mekhi tells his mother, ‘I’m really delighted for you.’The YouTube clip then delves into the history and events that preceded young Mekhi’s endearing display of emotion.

Mekhi remarked, ‘My mom and I have been through a lot together. ‘All of those incidents simply played back in my head. And I thought, ‘Wow, we’ve been through a lot, and now we’re here.’

The hardships the two of them experienced together and some of the difficult choices they had to make are then discussed by Mekhi’s mother.

Mekhi’s mother added, ‘And sometimes, you know, it was either he ate, or I ate.’ ’And he always ate.’

The two talked about the man Mekhi’s mother would eventually wed after an abusive relationship. Both of them discussed how she introduced him to her son Mekhi and the precise moment she realized he was the one.

Mekhi offers some meaningful advise for people who have only one parent in their life as the moving clip comes to a close.

They will cherish the romantic moment between their mother and son before she said ‘I do’ to her future spouse for the rest of their life.

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