Grandma, 74, Pose in a Tiny Bikini. People Look In Wonder Of Her ‘Ageless’ Figure

You will now meet Jackie, who gave birth just over nine months ago. When you meet her grandmother, who is in wonderful condition after the birth of the child, you will know it is only genetic.

In the video, you can observe young women with stretched-out bodies. We’re talking about elderly women who are in excellent physical and mental health.

Rebecca Lanas, Jackie’s grandma, is regarded as an ‘ageless marvel.’ The Florida grandmother is 74 years old at the time of this segment and possesses a six-pack. She is also Miss Florida Senior America and a trained Zumba instructor.

Rebecca encourages thousands of people worldwide to embrace their bodies and develop greater confidence as she stands next to Jackie while wearing her own Itsy-bitsy bikini.

Wendy Ida, you can also run into other grandmothers wearing bikinis. Wendy claims that she once weighed 200 pounds but that the diet helped her lose 75 pounds.

She claims that she feels much better in a bikini now at 63 than she did at 33.

To view these women in all of their splendor, scroll down. women who are actually half as large.

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In July 2017, this article initially appeared in LittleThings.

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