What does this woman look like who has helped a father of six children find happiness?

Anna was recently astonished to hear that she and her husband were expecting triplets. Taking everything into account, they already had three kids.

Doctors attempted all within their means to save the woman’s life. Sadly, though, nothing went their way. Anton lost his beloved wife and six children when he was uprooted.

Eventually, a narrative about a parent raising a child alone would make it to the small screen. The authors described the challenges he has without his wife’s support in their daily lives.

Anton received a flood of letters from desperate women after the launch of the program who desperately wanted to talk to him. He even tried a relationship with a woman, but it never went anywhere.

On one occasion he got a letter from Lyudmila. She felt compelled to aid the man, and thus a cordial exchange of letters ensued.

Half a month after the fact, a dad with numerous youngsters called another associate out on the town. He did the right thing by bringing all of his children along.

The two younger boys were completely devoted to Luda, and even the eldest son had a thing for her.

They tied the knot and made the commitment to start a new life together. He set up communication with the new family with little difficulty,

despite the fact that the woman already had a child from her previous relationship. Turns out Lyudmila was the type of woman who would benefit from watching a man like Anton.

He can be counted on to be there when you need him, and he is reliable, steady, and logical. Luda had foreseen their inevitable encounter. She made up a story in her head about raising a brood of seven children.

They exchanged vows in the town where the groom grew up. They took a lengthy trip in celebration of a happy occasion.

Lyudmila was initially nervous about sharing a house with so many kids. She abandoned her job in Omsk for Anton’s sake, packed up her child, and moved to a town some 100 kilometers outside of the city.

She enjoyed her job immensely, but ultimately decided that her family was more important. To protect her husband and children, she is willing to do anything.

As a result, she had a very large family to begin with. The newly wed woman assumed, incorrectly, that she would have no say in how domestic matters were handled.

In any case, it’s undeniably difficult to prepare meals for everyone, not to mention do the laundry and the dishes.

Luda eventually realized that when making soup, about 5 liters should be put in the bubbler.

Seeing how challenging it was for the divinely chosen individual, Anton naturally offered assistance.

He encouraged her and educated her about the city’s ways of life. Every aspect of today is planned so that Lyudmila may get some shut-eye.

Also, the head of the household doesn’t waste time. He works with his subordinates and the development team.

The friends always have to get up at 6 AM to get everything done, and they never complain about it.

The president personally donated a minibus large enough to transport all of the kids without incident.

In the absence of such a vehicle, the task at hand becomes quite difficult. Furthermore, at the present time, people are free to go wherever they like.

It’s worth remembering that early in their relationship, the pair decided to take a big step forward.

They not only cared for their own children, but also those of other disadvantaged families in the area.

Two lost children were located in that area. The fact is that their parents were dysfunctional.

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