Amazingly, a couple survives a terrible rock climbing accident, but…

Sadly, the majority of us won’t get out of life uninjured. We will all come across difficult situations.We’ll frequently be perplexed and seeking explanations during those occasions.

One young couple went through a situation like that, which tested them both in ways they never could have anticipated.

According to the YouTube video, Kaylene and Josh Baker went rock climbing on June 30, 2018, in Big Timber, Montana.

Josh and Kaylene both enjoy rock climbing, but that particular day they made the choice to venture somewhere new. They had no idea how drastically that day would alter their lives.

Around lunchtime that day, Josh was ascending a rise while Kaylene remained on the ground. She was assisting Josh with the ropes he needed to climb the wall.

Josh was trapped at one point, around 40 feet up. Josh had to shove his shoulder into the wall, raise his hand, and pull himself free. Then, everything started to go horribly wrong.

A rock dropped and struck Kaylene as Josh was releasing himself.Josh remembered the awful sight while crying.

‘And as I turned to look down, I noticed Kaylene lying on her back without a leg. He admitted to ‘thinking she was dead’ on the Today Show on NBC.

First responders arrived at the horrific scene in a hurry. They carried her to the ambulance after placing her on a stretcher. Kaylene sustained numerous horrifyingly severe and severe wounds.

Kaylene’s mother, Crystal Christison, reported that Kaylene’s sternum was fractured. Broken scapula and broken ribs.

She had a broken foot, in my opinion. Her lung had collapsed. She had a broken back. She had a dissected artery in her neck and a shattered nose.

A left prosthetic has been installed for Kaylene more than a year after the accident, in August 2019.

Additionally, Kaylene is missing her left forearm. She acknowledges that as a pair, they have faced challenges.

The video depicts Kaylene going through physical treatment and meeting up with the emergency personnel that helped save her life.

Even the pair visits the scene of the terrible catastrophe. Josh and Kaylene were seized by emotion.

Kaylene, though, is determined to continue loving rock climbing despite her mishap. In the video, Kaylene is seen scaling a rock wall inside.

Once more flashing forward to December 2022, the footage Josh and Kaylene are now the delighted parents of a baby boy! The footage has Kaylene saying that their lovely child was born in May 2022.

Kaylene and Josh compromise when it comes to raising their child, even though Kaylene acknowledges that she is constrained in what she can do as a mother.

The pair has persevered through all of their difficulties and adversity. God is praised by Kaylene for the job he has done and is still doing in her life.

My faith, said Kaylene, ‘is a significant part of how I can keep moving forward in my life.’ ’God helps me recall who I want to be and how I want to live,’ says the speaker.

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