Busker performs a song on the sidewalk without realizing the original performer is about to approach and join him.

Not at all, but when it happens, it’s a big thing. Thankfully, it was caught on camera during this performance.

This video features a busker singing the Bronski Beat song ‘Smalltown Boy.’Jimmy Sommerville of Bronski Beat suddenly jumps in and starts singing along!

Smalltown Boy’s original singer is Sommerville, and the surprise worked out rather well.

A street performer plays his blue guitar while leaning against a wall.He is wearing a cap, and his audience is filming everything.

While walking his dog, a man stops and begins to sing.That… is Sommerville? He is there! Oh wait, one two three, the busker announces as he pauses his playing.

The willingness of musicians to share the spotlight is intriguing. It’s an amazing moment, and their various voices mesh well.

When the original singer approaches you and sings along with your performance of his song, you must be really good.

I doubt this busker ever thought he’d run into Somerville.Jimmy is such a humble guy, acting as if he’s of no importance and just out and about for some fun.

Is that you? the busker finally enquires. Sommerville makes light of it. It goes without saying that it’s an awesome moment!

The fact that this was undoubtedly not contrived is what I find most beautiful. The whole shebang is authentic!

This was such a fantastic duet!

At that corner, there was pure talent.

The fact that Sommerville approached and joined in on his own song while singing it is undoubtedly unusual.

The busker must have been so in awe that he needed a few days to take everything in. For the rest of his life, he will recall this.

Jimmy’s dog simply wanted to keep walking, the busker’s response, the pause, and the count-in.

Their voices blended together well, and Jimmy’s ability to maintain the tone throughout is impressive.

One clip is just not enough; we would adore it if Sommerville recorded an unplugged acoustic version of it.

He still maintains his distinctive tone even at his advanced age. Since the 1980s, one of pop’s most distinctive vocalists has scored multiple songs, with ‘Smalltown Boy’ being the biggest.

He gave this explanation of his reasons for pursuing music in an interview: ‘I wanted people to love me.’

We adore Sommerville’s humorous action in this instance, which produced a stirring video.

He still performs as a solo artist today, and the UK is set to host many of his shows in 2020.

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