Out of the work a musician started a band with his children and has earned 30 million views on YouTube.

American artist Colt Clark hails from Tampa, which is located on Tampa Bay along Florida’s Gulf Coast. He and his family were very inventive musicians during the Coronavirus shutdown.

Colt, like many other performers, had numerous shows postponed over the summer of 2020 while the world battled a virus.

Colt made the decision to begin posting footage of his family jamming out while the area was under lockdown.

They performed covers of songs by The Beatles, including ‘Come Together’ and ‘Sweet Caroline.’ After several of their postings went popular, they swiftly gained a large international following on YouTube!

Colt wanted to share his love of music with his children while the school was under lockdown. Colt added,

‘I wanted to illustrate the improvement that the kids are making and show them that we can still have fun during these crazy, strange times,’ after spending time instructing them.

Either Colt is an excellent educator, his kids have musical talent naturally, or both! The family’s music is fantastic beyond words!

The kids’ mother Aubree, who is also a skilled photographer, is in front of the camera for all of their performances, making their movies truly a family endeavor.

Beckett (8 years old), Belle (6 years old), and Cash are the names of the three kids (10 years old).

Because of their father’s career as a musician and the fact that they have always had a strong love for music, the lockdown gave this family the ideal opportunity to start their own band.

Colt remarked, ’It really amazed me how the kids never grew tired of it.’ Their efforts and happiness caught the attention of the producers of the popular TV program ‘The Ellen Show,’

who received a barrage of demands to include the family on one of their Zoom streamed broadcasts.

When the family was handed a $20,000 certificate for their outstanding family performances and interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, Aubree exclaimed, ‘That is life-changing.’

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