A video has been shared on the Internet, in which you can see how Pique’s mother roughly grabs Shakira’s face and forces her to be silent (video)

The confrontation between the fans of former spouses, singer Shakira and football player Gerard Pique, seems to be entering a new phase.

Super.ru writes about this, detailing that Shakira’s fans dug up and shared on the Internet a video in which her former mother-in-law,

Pique’s mother, Montserrat Bernabéru, publicly grabs Shakira’s face with her hand, gives her a menacing look,

then puts her finger to her lip, telling Shakira to be quiet. Meanwhile, Pique stands silently watching what is happening.

However, it is not excluded that there was no serious disagreement between the Shakira and the Monserrat at that time.

Let’s remind that after the separation of Shakira and Pique, it became known that the football player has a young girlfriend, which Shakira indirectly referred to in one of her songs.

She also accused her ex-husband of swapping Rolex for Casio, Ferrari for Renault, in reference to her husband’s infidelity.

It is noted that the video was made in 2016.

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