Quentin Tarantino kept his childhood vow to never help his mother. See why

Famous Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino vowed to share his savings with his mother as a child. And as he himself admitted in an interview to a well-known periodical, he kept his word.

The director said that in his youth he was upset by his mother’s words about his literary career. The teachers saw the boy’s hobbies as a reason for the riot.

The future director wrote his first serious screenplay at the age of 12, but his mother was dissatisfied with his son’s work. He was not satisfied with his grades in school.

‘He was shouting at me. Oh, this is your writing career that you’re doing.With all this, everything can be considered finished,’ the director recalled.

At that time, the boy came up with a revenge plan: ‘When I become a successful writer, you will never get a cent from my success.’ There will be no home, no vacation for you. You won’t get anything,’he decided.

Decades later, Tarantino made good on the promise. He only helped his mother once when she had serious problems with the taxman.

In June, the director announced his retirement from cinema after shooting his tenth film. Tarantino did not tell what the final tape will be about.

However, he admitted that he would love to remake his debut full-length Mad Dogs, but immediately assured fans that these were just thoughts out loud.

And the main book of the month is Quentin Tarantino’s debut novel Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which retells the events of the film of the same name.

Yegor Mikhailov believes that the director’s literary debut turned out surprisingly impressive and allows to look at the events of the film in a new way.

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