When Dominique and Kevin Gill heard about this little boy’s situation, they made the decision to adopt him right away.

Everyone desires to be acknowledged and liked.
In 2018, Dominique and Kevin Gill chose to welcome Andrew into their humble Nashville, Tennessee home. As soon as they heard the child’s tale, their hearts broke.

According to his papers, he has been in captivity from the age of six. According to Dominique’s statement,

at this moment his parents no longer had legal rights, and his four siblings were adopted immediately.

This was a horrifying occurrence for a child of his age. Andrew grew increasingly distant from the people around him. The Gills desired to foster Andrew and teach him what it meant to belong.

During his first week living with us, he sat in his room with the door closed and viewed old photographs. In an interview, Andrew’s foster parents stated, ’He was uncommunicative.’

A kid should grow up in a loving, respectful, and caring family. Unfortunately, the most of us are not familiar with this reality.

Andrew is one example of a child who desires to belong to a family he can call his own.

As you wait for someone to accept or adopt you, your anguish increases. Expectations and heartbreak make these children frequently feel unwanted.

Some of them choose to appear harsh, disagreeable, and reclusive as a result.This is how they fight themselves against further injury.

Andrew was no exception. Andrew, according to Dominique, was frequently disobedient and reclusive. If someone tried to approach him, he would remain in his room and yell.

The Gills would not abandon Andrew. They knew he was going through a difficult time and wished for him to know that there are still people who wish to show him affection.

Joc, the son of Dominique, had no sentiments for Andrew upon his arrival at their home. That is until they found how much they share in common.

They chose to play video games together one day, and then learned that they shared a like for Pop-Tarts; this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Andrew had discovered not only his permanent residence, but also happiness, love, and the finest friend.

‘This is my brother, Joc,’ Andrew stated, and ‘This is my brother, Joc,’ Joc replied, completing the delightful film.

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