A loving 93-year-old husband makes daily visits to his wife in a nursing home, saying, ’Do You Know I Love You?’

According to the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder. In other words, while we are separated from our loved ones, our affection and devotion will inevitably grow.

The same was true for an elderly gentleman who paid his wife daily visits and expressed his affection from behind the glass.

Sam and Shirley Kleiman were a delightful couple from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, who had been married since 1950.

Over the years, they created a beautiful life together, enjoying marital bliss and embarking on the extraordinary path of parenthood.

However, as is often the case, separation and love go hand in hand; there came a moment when the Kleimans were forced to endure physical separation,

despite knowing that their hearts would always beat in tandem. Check out their remarkable tale of love, patience, dedication, and reunion.

After suffering a stroke, Shirley required considerable care and therapy and was sent to The Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre, a nursing home for the elderly.

Sam found it difficult to be separated from his beloved wife, therefore he frequently paid her visits.

Sam was ecstatic when he saw his wife of 71 years for the first time in 71 years. Every day after breakfast, he would visit the nursing home and take Shirley on a walk.

Occasionally, the couple would converse in a peaceful setting, reminiscing on their life together and imagining a happy,

successful future. The considerate husband occasionally drove his wife around the neighborhood.

With Shirley as his guide, Sam never worried about anything other than fervently wishing for her recovery.

Despite being apart from his wife for three years, Mr. Kleiman was buoyed by the few wonderful moments he shared with her.

As social separation became the norm, the Winnipeg couple’s daily visits were also affected.

After implementing the new safety measures, the assisted living facility prohibited residents’ and visitors’ physical contact.

This was bad news for the Kleimans, as Sam could no longer accompany his wife on long neighborhood walks or drives.

In March 2020, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Shirley’s nursing center began implementing the new protocols.

Sam was determined to find a way to maintain his daily visits despite the ‘new normal.’ Sam then drove to the assisted living home in southwest Winnipeg, drew a chair near the window, and waited for his wife.

Shirley was wheeled out of her bedroom and brought near to her husband, who stood behind the glass.

Sam, aged 93, rapped on the glass to get Shirley’s attention and blew her loving kisses when he saw her.

After her stroke, the 92-year-old woman, who had difficulties communicating, responded to her husband’s loving gesture by blowing him kisses.

Shirley’s nurse then gave her a phone to listen to Sam’s voice, who said gently, ‘Hello, sweetheart.

Do you realize how much I cherish you?” Immediately, her face brightened up and her lips curved into his favorite smile, despite her inability to speak due to speech difficulties caused by her stroke.

Even the nursing home staff couldn’t help but like the couple, and they posted a heartfelt Facebook message with their photo. ‘How can a single sight be simultaneously joyful and heartbreaking?

In any way, these two lovers exchanging parting kisses are worthy of envy.

Examine the caption. Sam believed he was not separated from his beloved wife, despite a glass wall between them, because their marriage was founded on love and trust.

The Canadian man observed that any relationship founded on trust could withstand adversity. He proceeded:

The loss of two of their three children were among the many challenges Sam and Shirley endured as a couple.

However, their love, commitment, and devotion sustained them throughout, and they learned to confide in one another.

After four years of separation, the Kleiman family was reunited in January 2022, a historic milestone that the Simkins Center enthusiastically celebrated

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