Now that she’s back in the acting game at age 80, Linda Evans says she’s ‘more flexible than she’s ever been’…

When Linda Evans was chosen to play Krystle Carrington on ‘Dynasty,’ she was given the chance of a lifetime.

However, the route she took to get to the program that is currently gaining a lot of attention was the result of an unfulfilled desire to have a happy marriage.

Evans was just 15 years old when she was offered a part in the comedy ’Bachelor Father’ after a director noticed her at a friend’s audition.

She was then cast in a key role on the television series ‘Big Valley,’ and she was well on her way to building a successful television career.

But as she grew attached to John Derek, getting married to him became her first priority.

Her fantasy was turned into a nightmare when her spouse cheated on her, causing their marriage to end in 1973.

Evans was ‘devastated’ to discover that she had lost her marriage as well as her future goals for the two of them.

However, as time passed, she realized that the divorce had actually been a fortuitous turn of events.

’I could never have done ‘Dynasty’ if I had stayed married to John, who didn’t want me to work.’

Evans tried marriage once more two years later with Stan Herman, a handsome playboy who worked as a real estate agent.

But this time, the union did not endure. The year that the marriage ended was 1979. The actress got back up,

relaunched her career, and put all of her energy into the new role she was portraying on the television program ‘Dynasty.’

Evans played Krystle Carrington, the heavenly spouse of oil billionaire Blake Carrington, who was represented by John Forsythe in ’Bachelor Father’ and who also made an appearance in the show with Evans.

Evans lived a secluded life in the state of Washington after ‘Dynasty» ended. At the age of 78, she made her acting debut in the 2021 movie ‘Swan Song.’

Although the behavior could be deemed ‘outrageous,’ the actress claimed that it served as inspiration.

It appears that the tale was able to pique her curiosity and emotions to the point that she made the decision to leave her retirement.

When Evans was at the top of her popularity on ‘Dynasty,’ fans coveted her beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous face.

In order to maintain the appearance of a young woman even if she is no longer a part of the program,

the actress has admitted to getting some work done after it finished. She promised that this would be her final cosmetic procedure, and here’s why:

One surgeon stated, ‘The drawback of cosmetic surgery is that gravity will win after ten years and you’ll need to have it redone.’

Evans now prefers to preserve her health and beauty naturally rather than through surgical procedures like nips and tucks and laser treatments.

Avoiding potential health hazards like stress, poor diet, and insufficient exercise is a great way to stay in good health.

The actress enjoys taking her dog, Alexie, for lengthy strolls along rivers and in the woods. She takes pleasure in using weights in the gym.

She made the decision to begin stretching as a result of an injury in order to improve her flexibility and core strength.

It just wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t incorporate yoga into her exercise regimen.

She conquered her illness and desperation by keeping a positive outlook on life and paying close attention to her physical condition.

Evans claims that she meditates first thing in the morning to discover inner peace and to get her mind ready for the tasks of the day.

The actress works hard to look and feel her best at 80, starting with becoming conscious of the connection between the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.

By pursuing the things that make her happy and spending meaningful time with the people that matter to her,

she is now living life to the fullest. The star of ‘Dynasty’ said, ‘I never realized until lately how peaceful spending time with oneself could be.’

For the time being, Evans is content to be single in terms of romantic relationships.

She is excited about the prospect of returning to work and feels stronger and more adaptive than before.

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