How the actors of Titanic have changed 26 years after its release…Some of them will surprise you

The movie ‘Titanic’ can already be called a ‘classic example’ of cinema. Perhaps there is no person on the planet who has never heard of this film. It’s hard to believe, but ‘Titanic’ was released in 1997, 26 years ago.

But despite its age, the sentimental drama is still enjoyed by millions.Let’s see how the favorite actors of the movie have changed over the years.

Many of them have hardly changed, and many of them have even become unrecognizable.It was also recently announced that Celine Dion, who performed the film’s soundtrack, has been diagnosed with an incurable disease.

Ruth, Rose’s mother, Frances Fisher

Jack Dawson — Leonardo DiCaprio

Rose – Kate Winslet

Margaret Brown — Kathy Bates

Caledon Hockley – Billy Zane

Architect Thomas Andrews – Victor Garber

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