After hearing young boys’ performance, Simon Cowell became ’mad’ and compared him with Susan Boyle on ‘AGT: All-Stars.’

When Tom Ball hesitantly entered the stage on Monday’s America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, judge Simon Cowell remarked,

‘A lot of people felt Tom was going to win.” The sweet, shy, 24-year-old schoolteacher/balladeer disappointedly finished third on Britain’s Got Talent the previous year,

but when he sought atonement on All-Stars this week, his masterful rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence’ was the standout performance of the night.

In fact, Cowell actually referred to another famous BGT finalist who became a huge star despite not winning that show.

You’re like Susan Boyle’s grandson, Cowell said, ‘because what you do is not what we expect.’ Cowell was alluding to the opera singer who

finished second on BGT and whose 2009 performance of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ became an internet phenomenon. ‘In my opinion, this is the series’ best performance,’ said the reviewer.

Even though comedian Axel Blake, who lost to Ball on BGT last year, was a Cowell favorite and was chosen as the season’s Golden Buzzer winner,

Cowell appeared to be questioning the BGT outcome on Monday after witnessing Ball’s outstanding performance.

Actually, I’m upset about something. In a strange way, I wish this was the first time I’d heard Tom,’ he thought before addressing Ball,

‘This is the song that I believe, if you had done this, you would have won [Britain’s Got Talent] that year. Since that was extraordinary.

As per customary, just two of this week’s ten ’best of the best’ alumni made it to the All-Stars finals:

one was picked by a limited group of ‘superfans,’ while the other was chosen by the three judges and host Terry Crews in unanimity using a group Golden Buzzer.

This week, everyone seemed to agree with Cowell and gave Ball a standing ovation; Howie Mandel called Ball ‘wonderful,’

‘lovable,’and ‘beyond terrific,’ while Heidi Klum called Ball’s performance ‘excellent’ and ‘bigger than life.’ The ensemble Golden Buzzer then traveled to Ball.

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