The family is absolutely blown away by the delivery man’s performance on the piano.

Over the summer, the student had been preparing and delivering pizzas in a Detroit suburb to make some extra cash.

Bryce, like a lot of individuals, didn’t see pizza delivery as his calling, but he was grateful for the job because it let him get out and about and provided for his basic needs.

Bryce was delivering pizza to a customer’s house when he noticed a piano in the living room.He explained the following to Inside Edition:

I casually remarked, ‘Oh, gosh, that’s a really lovely piano,’ and he replied, ‘Yes, do you play?’

Fortunately, Bryce’s 11 or 12 years of piano practice paid off, and he proved to be a competent pianist.

He inquired as to the homeowner’s piano’s make and model, but the man was clueless.He beckoned Bryce to come inside and have a look.

The shopkeeper probably anticipated an easy game from Bryce. In any case, he set the bar too low, for Bryce started playing Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ with easy ease.

Although it is one of Beethoven’s most well-known pieces, beginners should not attempt to play it.

It takes lightning-fast fingers, and an expert understanding of the piano’s keys, to keep up with the tempo you set right off the bat.

Bryce must have put in a lot of time on the piece, because he played it flawlessly on the piano and completely wowed the homeowner.

The homeowner, realizing that his wife would be ‘amazed’ by Bryce’s spontaneous performance, got out his phone and started filming, informing Bryce that he couldn’t keep it to himself.

Bryce’s professionalism on the field was on full display as he played on despite the presence of the cameras.Which worked out perfectly, because he was about to explode into the Internet.

Julie Barcetti, the homeowner’s wife, uploaded the footage to YouTube, where it quickly gained thousands of views.

The interest in interviewing Bryce among media outlets resulted in 5 million views of his interview on Inside Edition.

Bryce is remarkably self-taught.

As he elaborated,When I was a kid, my mom bought me a bunch of Beethoven CDs and I listened to them nonstop.

I wish I could have played the piano to that music because it really spoke to me.I put in the effort and studied extensively on my own as I had no one to instruct me.

This appearance on Ellen was the pinnacle of Bryce’s career as a performer.

He gave a live performance in front of a studio audience, as well as the rest of us in the audience at home.

It was clear that his extensive preparation had made him a natural when he played the piano for his pizza customer at their home.

Ellen surprised Bryce by saying he could keep the piano he’d played on at the end of his performance, and he hugged her onstage in joy.

What we do know is that Bryce is, hands down, one of the best pianist pizza delivery people we’ve ever encountered.

Watch Bryce in action by clicking on the video below!

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