This policeman did something unexpected on his last working day that made him social media star

Anyone who has watched the movie Footloose will have numerous happy memories to recall from the experience.

If you try to picture what’s going on, the last image that should come to mind is a dancing police officer from the movie Footloose.

It’s possible that this is why so many people are posting hilarious viral videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Footloose is a film that Officer Cory Burrows, who has been with the department for the past three decades and counts among his all-time favorite movies, particularly enjoys.

It is clear to us why. He adores dancing. In point of fact, his dancing is so good that it has made him famous all throughout town.

He wanted to do something one-of-a-kind to memorialize the occasion so that it would live on in his mind forever and make the memories of finally getting off duty after so many years even more cherished.

After stepping out of his police cruiser, he addresses the audience, telling them that it has been an honor and a privilege for him to serve the community,

and then he tells the camera that he is going to have one last party. He then walks away. After that, he gets out of his police cruiser and begins to play all of his wacky Footloose films for us.

Because the officer is so well-known for his great dancing, it should come as no surprise that the video quickly became quite popular and was widely shared across various social media platforms.

It was his last shift as a police officer, and he celebrated by dancing happily and shouting out loud for everyone to hear, ‘It’s my final shift as a cop!’

He had been serving and protecting for thirty years, which is a very long period, so he wanted to make his final shift an extremely memorable one.

After having this conversation with his wife, he came to the conclusion that it would be funny to sign off by mentioning his favorite movie and breaking a move. He did this because he thought it would be funny.

The officer’s quick wit made everyone laugh, and the video rapidly gained widespread attention. It started spreading like wildfire almost immediately.

It should come as no surprise that the video was seen by a lot of people given that people enjoy watching police officers act like they are having fun and not taking things too seriously.

Officer Burrows shared with FaithPot that despite the fact that he has thoroughly loved serving his community for a considerable amount of time, he is eagerly anticipating the start of his well-earned retirement.

His wife mentioned that having him at home will be a big change, but she admitted that watching the video made her tear up.

She said that it made her miss him so much. She made a joke about how she doesn’t know if it’s because

he’s leaving a job that he’s loved for such a long time or because she’ll be forced to spend the entire day and night at home with him.

The two are looking forward to spending their golden years watching movies nonstop, which bodes well for their retirement plans.

Officer Burrows brought some comic relief to a serious situation by breaking out into spontaneous dance in the middle of the road for all to see.

In the video, Lisa Simpson-Barrows comments that this version of her husband’s dancing is much more subdued than his typical performance,

in which he often finishes the dance with eye-catching splits. The video was a huge hit, and many people praised the officer’s energetic dance style, despite the fact that there are no splits to be seen anywhere in the clip.

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