Unusual friendship. The reason of this friendship between a grown woman and a young boy will warm your heart…

Unusual friendships are something we witness pretty frequently with animals but less commonly with people.We typically make friends with those who are close to us in age. However,

a 61-year-old woman realized she had made a lifelong friend when she learned how a 19-year-old man went above and above to return her wallet.

To fix his tire, Delivontae Johnson took a car to a Walmart in Forrest City. He arrived and parked in a space of ‘shop.’

The teenager discovered a misplaced wallet.

When Johnson searched the wallet, he discovered a driver’s license. He made the choice to drive to the woman’s house and deliver it personally.

The woman was contacted by the 19-year-old over Facebook as well, and the two were able to organize a meeting place.

‘I was in Palestine, but I live in Wynne. So, the young man took a detour and traveled to Palestine, where he brought Dee Harkrider his wallet.

Johnson gave Harkrider the wallet when they first met, and the man couldn’t help but give the adolescent a hug and some cash for petrol as a token of appreciation.

‘My luck is good, a friend told me. No, I replied, God was looking out for me. Delivontae Johnson,

may God richly bless you in every way! I have a new pal now! shared on Facebook by Harkrider. Johnson added that he thought God had something to do with how they had met.

He had burst a tire the previous week on his way to church, which brought to mind something his pastor had said: ‘The devil will strike before God begins to bless.’

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