When the son called his mother and said that he and his wife were going to visit her, she has no idea what surprise was waiting for her…

A home video featuring Eva Gubb, an ordinary housewife from Indiana, has garnered more than 10 million views.

And it is not surprising why.Becoming famous overnight, the woman later said in an interview that at that moment the flow of emotions in her head was simply out of scale.

She had never experienced such joy, such a violent outburst of maternal feelings. We wondered whose house her son entered, what caused such a reaction.

Donnie Gob, Eva’s son, is in the military. And when he is on duty, he is rarely at home, so his visit always brings joy to his mother.

Moreover, not long ago, the son finally found a life partner.It’s good, but the newlyweds decided to surprise their parents.They did not inform in advance about their arrival and the valid reason for such a visit.

Just a week before Christmas, Donnie called to say that he and Miranda were coming for the holidays.Of course, they were happy to see them. Eve had no idea who would be with them.

Check out this exciting video…

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