A homeless man plays the public piano and astuns onlookers with a stunning performance.

Known as ‘The Homeless Piano Man,’ Donald Gould
What image does ‘Piano Man’ conjure up for you? You mention Billy Joel.

Prepare to have your opinion altered, then. Yes, Billy, it’s time to put it away. Stevie, continue on. Get moving, Elton; a fresh ivory tickler by the name of Gould has arrived.

A long-haired man plays the piano on the Florida streets in a 2015 Mashable video. To the astonishment of onlookers,

he rips through an exhilarating performance of the prog-rock power ballad ‘Come Sail Away.’One audience member keeps saying, ‘Do you know how hard it is to play?!’ while he plays on.

amazed by the skill displayed.
The man is playing a tune that was once a multi-platinum success for stadium rockers Styx, displaying virtuosity that is rarely heard outside of musical venues.

Then who is this enigmatic key thumper?Donald Gould, also known as ‘The Homeless Piano Man,’is his name.

Gould, a citizen of Michigan and a seasoned musician, attended Spring Arbor University to study music theory.

But the ex-marine suffered tragedy in 1998 when he miscarried his wife and later lost custody of his baby.

This downward spiral eventually resulted in drug addiction and life on the streets.The aforementioned video, which has amassed an astounding 45 million views to date,

served as the former Marine Corps musician’s savior by going viral quickly after it was released and opened up a world of opportunity.

Soon after he became the topic of conversation online, a GoFundMe page was created in his honor and raised $40,000.

As a result, Gould was able to go to rehab and receive the second opportunity he required. Check out the following video to see the transformation.

Since these occurrences that altered his life, Gould has performed the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ among other things at the San Francisco 49ers’ season-opening game in front of a packed stadium.

In reflecting on his success, he told ABC 7 that ’I couldn’t look; I had to focus; I got 80,000 people.’ I received a request to perform out of the blue.

Even though he still faces difficulties due to his period spent living on the streets, Donald continues to lead a good life,

releasing the album Walk on Water in 2017 and showcasing his unique talents all over the world. The song ‘Walk on Water’ was recently published by Triple Pop Records.

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