A sick little girl was adopted by a couple: their warm home also welcomed 143 other little ones . Look what happened with her…

They dreamed of a large family and they made the decision to adopt a child.The couple chose Cindy, a 10-week-old girl abandoned by her biological mother.

Corinne and Roger were aware that the little girl had fragile health, but when all the adoption procedures were completed,

they received the terrible verdict from the specialists the little girl had a big hole in her heart and she would see to it.Hardly her first birthday.

The social worker who supported the family asked the couple to return the little one. However, Corinne and Roger refused outright.

This good couple decided to endure this ordeal of life and stay by their daughter’s side until the end.Cindy overcame the first year of her life, then the second, the third…

The attention, love and dedication of his parents, as well as medical control and scheduled surgery have given their results. The family ended up with a miracle. The girl grew and flourished.

It was then that the Vogel couple felt an unthinkable desire to help sick children. She transformed her California home by adding more rooms and bathrooms.Corinne and Roger started adopting children with health problems.

In their loving home, the spouses raised 143 children.The good Lord showered them with his graces.They were able to give birth to their 5 biological children.

As for Cindy, the disease receded when we performed open-heart surgery. Today, the woman is over 40 years old, she has 4 children and 3 adorable grandchildren.

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