Florida’s Identical Twins Celebrate 100 Years: They Share Their Longevity Secrets

Inseparable twin sisters who have experienced life’s happy and sad moments together celebrated their 100th birthday in December 2021.

People are impressed that the twins are inseparable even after a hundred years.

Sisters Edith Antoncecchi and Norma Matthews were born on December 23, 1921 in Revere, Massachusetts, into a family of Italian immigrant parents.

Before their parents separated, life was a paradise for the girls.They were thirteen when their father abandoned them for another woman.

The sky crashed down on them.The news spread with lightning speed. At school, they were treated like outcasts and made fun of.

Their mother entered a shoe factory to support them.

Because of the separation of the parents, the children of the school moved away from them. But the girls did not give up.They got stronger.

They took into account that life was full of ups and downs, but one should not be discouraged. Besides being sisters, they became best friends.

Their type of living changed when they graduated from high school and after their mother married.

Edith dreamed of becoming a nurse and Norma preferred to work as a hairdresser. From that moment, the twins were forced to part for the first time.

In 1943, in February, Norma married Charles Matthews and Edith married Léo Antoncecchi in May of the current year.

Despite the separation, a deep intimacy united them. Each of them knew well that there was always someone who cared about her, a tender and always loving heart.

If Edith got sick, Norma felt it and vice versa.

In 1994, the sisters were widowed a few months apart: Leo suffered a car accident and Charles suffered from a serious illness.

Lo and behold, the twins came together to be able to overcome this not easy phase of their lives. They decided to live together in Florida in a tiny home.

Their secret to longevity was that they didn’t drink or smoke and lived with a clear conscience. They believed that their faith

in Christianity allowed them to live a meaningful life because they had not held a grudge against anyone.

On December 23, 2021, the beautiful women celebrated their centenary with family and loved ones.

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