The girl kept the chocolate egg that enriched her descendants 100 years later

The two-year-old girl received a chocolate egg as a gift, but she did not eat it, she decided to keep it.

A few decades later, her descendants discovered the hidden sweetness and found that now this Easter egg could make them rich.

This girl’s name was Lillian Metcliffe, she lived in Derbyshire, England. At Easter in 1924, Lilian received a small souvenir from her aunt: a chocolate egg with a toy inside.

The chocolate egg remained intact even during World War II, when hunger could drive people to do different things.

Lilian’s relatives claim that the woman only took out the egg on Easter, in honor of the holiday, and then carefully put it back in the box.

And when Lillian moved to another city or even another country, the egg traveled with her.

Lilian passed away in 2019, and the sweet souvenir, which the woman kept all her life, was found only two years later.

Her relatives came to Metcliffe’s house to collect the rest of her belongings and found the very box that Lillian kept under the bed.The relatives immediately gave the chocolate egg for examination.

It should be noted that the egg was preserved in excellent condition. A decorative wrapper with a floral pattern remained on it, the chocolate was intact, and a chrysalis was spread inside.

Auction house owner Charles Hanson appraised the find and offered a minimum bid of £300. At the same time, the man is sure that knowledgeable collectors

will definitely start bidding on this exceptional find, and its value will quickly increase. The fact is that the production of such Easter eggs was stopped back in the 1940s.

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