Watch this baby’s cute imitations of her grandmother’s behavior to witness the impact of nurturing! Laugh out loud during the process!

It is fantastic when children are able to maintain relationships with their grandparents. Grandparents have a significant influence on their grandchildren,

whether it be through marathon cuddle sessions during times when their children’s parents are too busy to take a break or through the act of filling bag chairs at sporting events to encourage young athletes.

And regardless of how long those earthly ties last decades, months, or even just a few weeks there is a great bond that develops between children and their grandparents. This video shows proof that there is a connection between the two!

This spoiled princess, who very obviously adores all things pink and purple, puts on quite a show when she dismounts her cartoon-character flying tricycle.

Are she really going through all of those difficulties, or is she just making them up to impress her grandmother?

It isn’t entirely clear, but judging by the captions and titles of the videos, we know for sure that she has seen her grandma go through struggles that are quite similar to her own.

A good number of grandmothers have troubles with their joints or their health, which causes them to move more slowly.

The majority of them have a great deal of individuality. And it’s quite evident that this little girl’s grandmama is not an exception to the rule!

As she struggles to lift her left leg over her wheels, the baby girl puts out a few groans in a high-pitched tone.

She is concentrating on lifting her pudgy leg while standing with her lips open and her right arm extended in front of her.

After that, she makes a slight forward lean and rests her right hand on the fender wing of the automobile plane while placing her left hand on the steering wheel.

She manages to move her fluffy foot just high enough to land it on the seat, slide it over the seat, and then off the seat before she is able to stand up! It’s going to be quite the exercise!

She utters a tired ‘O Lord’ once the assignment has been successfully completed. When Sweetness goes to visit her grandma,

we can only hazard a guess as to the activity that the two of them have been engaged in. She has the routine down down,

and it is a lot cuter coming from a baby than it is when it is being said by an adult who is actually struggling with it!

We should count our blessings that we have grandparents that dote on their grandchildren and provide them with loving attention. And may we never forget how extremely close our children are observing us from a distance!

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