WATCH: This Dog’s Hilarious Refusal to Look at His Mom When She Criticizes Him for Destroying a Pillow…

After ripping up an expensive pillow, the dog ran away and hid in the far corner of the bed, refusing to look at his master. This is the hilarious moment captured on camera.

After discovering pieces of the cushion strewn over the room, owner Marcella Maioli can be seen in a video that was published to social media reprimanding her one-year-old dog in a kind manner.

The border collie and koolie mix known as Frisbee is shown doing a funny impression of hiding behind the bed while his mother scolds him.

But despite herself, she can’t help but laugh at his response.

The customer, who is 27 years old and is from Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, disclosed that the price of the pillow was greater than one hundred dollars.

‘He has caused a great deal more damage in the past, as well.’

Have fun watching it…

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