A woman who purchased a Chevrolet in 1957 is still driving the ‘absolutely perfect’ car 64 years later.

The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air’s owner has taken such wonderful care of her car for more than 64 years that the spotless antique car has come to represent her.

The proud aging driver is now recognized everywhere she goes.In an interview with Barcroft Cars, Grace Braeger of West Bend, Wisconsin, claimed,

‘I know how to take care of things and this car proves that.’ ‘I never anticipated keeping this automobile for so long. It just occurred!

For $2,250, Grace purchased the one of around 700,000 hard-top Chevys produced in 1957. The price of the rare antique car nowadays could range from $35,000 to $85,000.

Grace’s extraordinary maintenance regimen, in which she goes above and beyond the manual’s instructions to keep the car in excellent running order, is the key to the longevity of this beloved car.

The guide recommends changing the oil every 2,000 miles, but Grace changed it every 1,000. ‘Whether it needs it or not, I have it serviced.’

The moniker Grace has acquired for herself from individuals who enjoy watching her drive is displayed on a customised license plate that reads, ‘57 Lady.’

(Photo credit: Future Studios / Barcroft Cars)
Grace’s Chevy has four doors, power steering and brakes,

a sleek black exterior with white and chrome accents, a crimson interior, and a big, 1950s-style steering wheel that the small driver now looks under when driving rather than over.

Grace, the only owner of the 64-year-old car, has done a fantastic job of utilizing the lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer.

When Grace wanted to replace her mufflers after 62 years of usage, having the original invoices on hand was very helpful.

(Photo credit: Future Studios / Barcroft Cars)
On her way to church in the late 1970s, when the vehicle was around 20 years old, the cautious owner scared off a would-be carjacker.

Grace remembered, “It was parked on a side street.” When I got close to the car, someone was exiting from the opposite side.I yelled, ‘Who are you,’ and then the person vanished.

The Chevy has logged more than 122,000 miles over the years, many of which were accumulated during Grace’s more ‘active years’ of ownership.

These days, Grace utilizes her noticeable vehicle for shorter trips, pleasing other motorists along the route,

such as to the church, the grocery store, and all of her West Bend appointments. She emphasizes that the vehicle is extremely ‘excellent,’ not just any vehicle.

She remembered, ‘Year after year they passed, and I was so delighted with it, and everyone else was thrilled with it. ‘Why abandon it?’

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