The video of an 8-week-old newborn girl talking to her mother has gone viral on the internet.

There is a long-standing dispute between parents regarding their kids. Are the sounds the baby words make real or are they just random noises?

Does my child’s early acquisition of words make him a genius, or does his lack of them suggest that he is already falling behind?

What can I do to support my child’s development and improve the environment so they can achieve their goals?

This beautiful film shows a scene that has caused a lot of debate among viewers.Can you tell if the baby is saying ‘I love you’ or just babbling happily? The choice is yours.

Over eight million people have watched the film, making it a popular web video. That many eyes might show that the internet economy is being driven by cute babies and philosophical conundrums.

Everyone loves a good mystery, but might a short movie change the way we think about how to talk to our kids?

An article in The Atlantic explains the difficulties of a baby’s first words. More important than what they say, babies need to learn how to communicate. As stated in the article,

Such early statements do a lot of social work; they serve as discussion starters rather than direct references.

So it seems that rather than being an act of naming,(baby noises) was more of an on-switch for a shared experience.

Whether or not this tiny kid actually says the words is up for debate. But there is no denying the enormous developmental benefits of talking and reading to your child, even in the crib.

Talking to your children can improve both their lives and the quality of life for everyone in the world.

It might be easy to come up with uncomplicated ways to talk to your child during the day.
Even though some of the methods for communicating with your infant seem so simple,

many families are not aware of them. You can read to them, talk to them about your day, or explain what you’re doing as you’re changing their diaper.

It’s simple to participate in the discussion given the nearly eight million views. Many YouTubers express themselves in the comment section.

Apparently, one YouTuber

The infant is so endearing; she even expressed her affection for you.

Another YouTuber expresses doubt.

Who else didn’t hear it, I wonder?

You are welcome to play it as many times as you wish to get a feel for it. Is the baby expressing its affection for you? Do you comprehend?

Before making a decision, you might only need to listen once.

And remember that talking to your baby on a regular basis could make the world a nicer place for everyone.

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