When the father brings his son who has autism to the restaurant to look at the menu, he is surprised by how the owner treats the boy.

Parents of children with special needs are especially concerned about how other people will treat

their amazing children since we interact with so many different types of individuals on a regular basis.

Having parents who are highly supportive of him, Owen is a teenage kid with autism whose parents are working

to build his self-esteem and teach him life skills so that he can exercise independence in his own special ways.

For kids like Owen, engaging in daily social interactions can be a huge challenge, especially when sarcasm,

rhetorical questions, and other complex communication techniques are incorporated into the conversation.

In order to exercise his independence, Owen had to learn how to order from a restaurant’s takeout menu.

Pat Long, Owen’s father, was teaching him how to do this. We were aware that we would be eating at the Sun Restaurant the entire day. Sandra Block, Owen’s mother, revealed some details in an interview.

The father and kid, according to Sandra, were practicing placing orders while they were driving. Pat gently instructed Owen to get the takeout menu and then quickly return.

When Owen came to the realization that he could succeed in his mission, he entered the restaurant.

A few minutes later, when Owen did not appear as soon as he had anticipated, the worried father could not help but worry.

It was impossible for Pat to ignore his misgivings, so he finally decided to enter the restaurant and look things over for himself.

He witnessed an incident as soon as he walked into the restaurant that profoundly affected him.

It appeared that Owen had a talk with Aye Thein, one of the restaurant’s owners.

After placing his order for takeout, Owen informed Aye that he was famished. When asked about his favorite foods, Owen headed in the direction of the beef curry.

As a result, the restaurant’s gracious owner instructed one of the waiters to give Owen some delectable beef curry.

Sandra expressed her gratitude for the restaurant owner’s wonderful deeds by adding, ‘That is just so extraordinarily kind,

like how frequently can you imagine I’m going to weep thinking about it.’ Sandra was touched by the great deeds of the restaurant owner.

Sandra, who is fully aware that the acts of kindness, love, and compassion that occurred there were not as frequent as they ought to be, blogged about what happened at the restaurant on her Facebook page.

Sun Restaurant in Williamsville is great. Please thank them again on my behalf if you find yourself there for their kindness and for making my child feel like a member of the family.

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