In the hotel lobby, a firefighter startled his daughter by singing ’Ave Maria,’ and the audience was astounded by his voice.

If you’ve ever visited Disney World, you already know it’s the kind of place where you can create lifelong memories.

On the other side, some guests bring their amazing gifts, which adds even more magic.

At the resort where he was vacationing with his family, Justin Gigliello dazzled everyone with his incredible talent.

Gigliello went on vacation with his family at the Grand Floridian Resort, which is located in Orlando, Florida, in the year 2019.

The family was staying at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, which is directly connected to the popular vacation spot for families.

Gigliello had just finished getting ready to go out for lunch with his family.

They encountered a tuxedo-clad pianist playing the grand piano in the resort’s lobby as they made their way to the restaurant there.

Since it was exactly what he had been hired to do, the musician was clearly having fun as he performed along and entertained the guests.

Gigliello would initially dance with Lyla, his daughter who was just 6 years old.It is well known that young children occasionally exhibit a whimsical side,

therefore it is highly likely that the wonderful surroundings in which they found themselves inspired little Lyla’s wish to dance.

But after the father-daughter duo had finished their spontaneous performance, Lyla had another brilliant idea.

After he had just finished playing his song, Lyla walked over to the pianist and was quite pleased to inform him that her father was also a good pianist.

Gigliello apologized and admitted to the pianist that he was more talented at singing than at the piano.

On the other hand, it became immediately apparent that Gigliello’s talent went much beyond basic singing.

The audience was stunned by an unanticipatedly brilliant performance that was provided after the pianist was convinced to let the young father sing, which was likely influenced by the daughter’s eager look.

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