The famous Gérard Lanvin gave up his studies at the age of 17 to help his mother, by selling second-hand clothes

Gérard Lanvin, who celebrated his 72nd birthday in June 2022, had abandoned his studies at the age of 17, while his parents forbade him.

The showman who became a renowned singer and actor, husband and father can now take care of his family, including those of his mother who receives a pension of 300 euros.

Gérard Raymond Lanvain, this famous French actor, was born on June 21, 1950 in Boulogne-Billancourt.

He was born into a bourgeois family. He abandoned his studies at the age of 17 against the advice of his parents, who wanted him to continue his studies.

He sold second-hand clothes at a flea market in Saint-Ouen where he had met several celebrities, including the renowned comedian Coluche, who had pushed him into the world of cinema.

Upon learning that his dad went to a sanatorium, he spent his childhood in the company of three women, including his mother and sisters.

It is therefore natural that he deals with the defense of women. According to the Monthly Salary website, his father now receives a salary of 141,000 euros per month.

It would seem that the man has started a musical career in addition to his roles in the cinema.

In 1984, Gérard married Chantal Benoist, a disco singer known as Jennifer. After their marriage, she leaves her career forever to give herself up to her family.

They had two children, Léo (born in 1973) and Manu (in 1988). It was important for the former artist to leave showbiz. Despite his prestige and notoriety, Gérard Lanvin has always been a realist.

He offered much of his winnings to those close to him, especially the woman who gave him life. In an interview given to Figaro, he mentioned his mother’s small pension.

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