The singer’s rendition of ‘Caruso’ on Britain’s Got Talent brought the audience to tears.

The following clip documents a teenage opera singer performing an Italian love song from 1986 that

became well-known thanks to renditions by performers like Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.

Maxwell Thorpe astonished the crowd during his nerve-wracking performance for Britain’s Got Talent with the challenging work

that was composed by Lucio Dalla and dedicated to one of the most successful operatic tenors of all time, Enrico Caruso.

The opera singer, who was 32 years old, revealed to the judges’ panel that he was ’very anxious’ before his performance.

Maxwell revealed that for the past ten years, he has been busking in Sheffield and that, in his opinion, he ‘sometimes sings to people who aren’t listening.’

The judges’ panel and the audience were stunned by the abrupt shift in Thorpe’s typically meek demeanor as soon as he began to sing.

After a brief moment of silence on stage as the melancholy song drew to a close, the audience gradually stood to applaud the artist, giving them a well-deserved standing ovation.

Simon Cowell lavished praise on the British Got Talent participant, telling him, ‘You’re headed for the big time.’

That was really remarkable, Maxwell. Seriously, you come across as apprehensive and meek, and then something like that happens.Simon continued, ’I think it brought it to an incredible level.’

The panel’s response was unanimity, and Alesha Dixon expressed her shock by saying, ‘Wow, wow, wow!

My arms’ hair literally sprang up the moment you started singing.’Simply said, it made me feel simultaneously passionate, powerful, and profound.

Amanda Holden expressed her love for the Sheffield singer even more, telling her, ’I hope that going forward you feel more respected because these folks were on their feet for you.

You deserve better than to stand on the sidewalk, therefore I really hope my response helped boost your confidence.

The judges turned around in their chairs to face the happy audience behind them after all four of them had ruled in Maxwell’s favor.

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