A woman lost weight from 274 to 70 kg for one goal

Too often, overweight people faced pressure during childhood, which is why they later found comfort in food.

Brittany Fulferi did not escape such a fate. An unpleasant person from the past forced the girl to shut herself in.

Then her weight started increasing without stopping. The problem haunted her throughout her life. Until the heroine decided to break the vicious circle and turned to the ‘I weigh 300 kg’ program.

The impetus for weight loss was Brittany’s husband. Since he weighed 274 kilograms, she had to take care of her. She was afraid that she would not be able to keep her beloved.

The first results were amazing more than a hundred kilograms went away quite quickly in the first year. Only after the project did she stop something.

She has never undergone surgery to remove excess skin, and she is still recovering. Then it was decided to film the second series of the program to help the woman overcome the last obstacle.

She started to eat properly again. Engaged in sports. The next breakthrough was even more fascinating.

From the beginning of the project to its completion, she lost 200 kg and became slim and radiant.

To this day, the woman has not stopped taking care of herself. Thanks to the decision to fight the problem, she found harmony with her husband and even experienced the happiness of motherhood. The ghosts of days gone by no longer haunt him.

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