Dedicated parents create a wheelchair for their 7-month-old child. See her reaction(Video)

Kimberly and Brad Moore decided they couldn’t wait to build a wheelchair for their 7-month-old daughter Evelyn.

They spent about $100 and followed an online guide.Evelyn was identified as having neuroblastoma when she was 4 months old due to a spine tumor.

She was left with paralysis below the arms as a result, but fortunately she subsequently entered remission.

Evelyn shouldn’t be equipped with a wheelchair until she is two years old, the doctors advised Kimberly and Brad. Because Evelyn’s parents were impatient, their home now has a speed bump.

In her wheelchair, Evelyn is unafraid, according to her mother. A cutting board, castor wheels, and a Bumbo chair are used to construct the wheelchair.

Evelyn quickly mastered its use after learning how to utilize it.Bev Wilson, a pediatric oncologist, described Evelyn as a happy child.

Evelyn is constantly on the move, greeting the other children and paying nurses a visit. She is like other children, but quicker.

Evelyn uses a treadmill to walk while being supported by a harness a few times per week. She now

has better bladder control, a stronger immune system, and is gradually gaining more control over her lower body.

Brad and Kimberly put a lot of effort into giving Evelyn a typical childhood. Despite the many difficulties they face, Evelyn is content and improving every day.

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