A dog died 100 years ago, yet still receives stick gifts on his monument… The reason will give you goosebumps…

This tale focuses on a wet-nosed character by the name of Rex. We all agree that dogs are the most loyal and clever pets you can have.

Rex, a dog, passed away more than a century ago. However, the truth is that the city’s citizens may still recall the good dog that was John Snow’s pet and a good-hearted food vendor.

Rex was cherished by his owner as a pet, and the two even remained together after the owner’s passing.

The devoted dog is buried alongside John at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery. He was the ‘American Hachiko,’ and he would always and forever love his owner!

Rex’s life-size bronze replica, created as a memorial by the locals in his honor, is buried there.

A picture of his grave just surfaced on Twitter. It demonstrates how the locals continue to place little tree branches and sticks adjacent to his monument.

When it gained popularity, the majority of people asked why individuals were acting in this way.

The sticks are a memorial to a specific dog that someone from Brooklyn subsequently mentioned in a remark and explained how their grandparents have told them stories about.

Additionally, others in the neighborhood who have lost their pets visit Rex’s tomb, place sticks in his bronze paws, and beseech him for assistance.

until they see them again, to take care of their beloved, missing pets! I hope he is doing a fantastic

job with those devoted animals in heaven! Rex, rest in peace! They will always cherish you!

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