VIDEO: A teen shows disrespect to a woman, then suddenly discovers she’s not one to scare easley

The reputation of the New York subway is not good. The subway has a bad reputation for being a potentially dangerous place to be, especially alone,

and a dramatic incident captured on tape is just one example of how this happened. The woman was being harassed by a teenager on

the subway when she decided to take matters into her own hands. The incident was caught on camera by her cell phone.

In the heated New York subway altercation, the feisty female commuter, who is engaged in a verbal struggle with a young man, refuses to back down.

He presumably believed she was beyond his reach, but he was about to discover otherwise. He would soon be dismissed while stuttering like a fool and sobbing for his mother.

According to Daily Mail, the brief video was recorded when the number two subway train in the Bronx traveled to Gun Hill Road stop.

While other train riders watch, a face-off between an unidentified woman and what appears to be a male in his teens is visible.

Although it’s unclear what sparked the argument, it quickly becomes clear that the mom has dealt with disrespectful children in the past.

Even as the situation becomes physically violent, she doesn’t allow the lad frighten her.The woman is confronted by the male teen, but she doesn’t back down; their argument quickly becomes physical.

She tells him to ‘spit’ again and over while keeping her hands in her pockets, to which he replies,

‘What’s up?’ He is then instructed to ‘go to school’ as the woman turns and grabs her purse after asking,

‘Are you going to spit or not?’ He can be heard repeatedly asking, ‘What do you want to do?,’ and he is about to find out.

The young man murmurs what sounds like ‘I’ll knock you out on this train’ a few seconds later. She answers, ‘Go ahead,’ and throws her luggage back onto the seat,

daring him to make good on his threat. She motions for you to touch her as they are face to face as the train reaches the station.

The teenager then makes his final error, pushing the woman’s right shoulder while yelling, ‘You buggin’ out.’

After being pushed, the woman pulls out a can of what is likely pepper spray and sprays a stream of it into her attacker’s face.

The teen cries in pain and stutters around the train as he tries to wipe his eyes with his shirt.

The other travelers observe, some of them even laughing. The woman can be heard screaming, ‘Get the f*** off of me,’ as the video ends. The young man clearly understood the message.

After being posted on Facebook with the description ‘That’s someone’s mother,’ the video became viral very quickly.

Children lack all respect! In just a few days, it received tens of thousands of likes, shares, and millions of views, with many praising the woman’s deeds.

She cautioned the child, who was already threatening her; she did not start the fight. Learn the difference and quit

supporting these children in their bullying behavior while complaining about it on social media, one person suggested.

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