Lazy Husband’s Tire-Changing Method Captured on Hidden Camera: Spectating

Few programs are as adept at capturing unprompted chuckles as ‘Candid Camera.’ From 1948 through 2014,

the well-known TV show was a part of American culture. In 1947, Allen Funt, the show’s inventor, launched a radio program called ‘The Candid Microphone.’

These videos mainly feature slack husbands. We’re headed to St. Louis, and Amy’s automobile has a flat tire,

the host of the episode announces. So she requested assistance from a friendly man. Let’s observe while he works on the tire right now.

The good samaritans are being recorded, but they are unaware of it. The helpers react crazily when Amy’s bogus husband emerges from the backseat.

Beside Amy’s dark green car’s back tire, a man is squatting down. Amy’s slacker pretend husband peers out the window and asks, ‘Hey, what’s going on,’ as the man tries to raise the tire.

The man asks him, ‘So, why aren’t you doing this?’ with a disappointed expression on his face.

The driver of the automobile expresses his dislike for changing tires and thanks the kind stranger, but it is clear that the latter has upset him.

Actress Kim’s flat tire results in another ‘Candid Camera’ incident in California. What’s all the commotion,

asks Chris, who is dozing off in the backseat, to the helpful stranger? Kim is questioned by the auto mechanic who says, ‘He’s not going to help?’

Kim answers, ‘Nah, he’s just napping. He has night shifts. The woman claims that her husband won’t get his hands dirty as the man stands up.

Why should I? the good Samaritan asks. The unsuspecting victims are relieved when the performers finally admit that they are filming ‘Candid Camera.’

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