This woman 61, says people commonly mistake her for 45 thanks to this wonderful remedy

Jacqueline Cubici-Gonzalez, 61, claims that due to her morning ritual of spending two hours applying lotion, people frequently mistake her for being 45.

‘People my age are stereotyped as being gray and wrinkly and dressing in long, broad skirts. She told SWNS,

‘I always knew I never wanted it. I concur with Madonna’s viewpoint that people should be let to remain young even after turning 45.

The ‘Material Girl’ singer blasted society for not appreciating ‘women above the age of 45’ in her post-Grammy statements,

which the retired airport worker is referencing. Recently, she received criticism for her “new face.’

She plays tennis regularly, indulges in opulent spa treatments, and takes excellent care of her hair.

She swears by vitamin-enriched creams and serums and follows a $72 six-step skincare regimen every morning and night. She finishes by dousing herself in firming cream and 50 SPF for kids.

Get the factor 50 baby cream and apply it liberally, she suggested, if you want lovely skin but don’t want to do the other things.

The most significant thing I do is this. If I use one on my older skin, the appearance is considerably worse.

In addition to her weekly hair masks and monthly coloring visits to get rid of her terrible greys, she lavishes on pricey treatments for the rest of her body that are believed to cost over $2,200 year.

The mother of two reasoned, ‘I’m not affluent, and you don’t have to be; you just need to grab a deal.

She proclaimed, ‘It’s definitely worth every penny you spend on it. We ought to be permitted to enjoy ourselves, continue dancing, and dress stylishly.’

She makes sure to get enough rest, namely eight hours, in between tennis matches, spa-quality massages, and manicure and pedicure sessions.

The grandmother claims she started her practices over 40 years ago and started early to maintain her attractiveness.

The Venezuelan native, who is the second of 11 children, claimed that she frequently compared the features of her face to those of her sisters.

The wife of 63-year-old Steven Jones revealed, ‘I’m trying to hold it off every day. To me, getting old seems terribly depressing.’

Yet, she maintains her youthful appearance by using fitted skirts, flared pants, and fashionable sneakers, all of which are fashion advice she found on Instagram.

She said, ‘People often say I don’t seem like I was born in 1961. ‘I want to always look youthful.’

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