Video: Cute Baby Disturbs Daddy’s Performance…What happened next will warm your heart

There are numerous videos on the internet demonstrating how much babies enjoy music. As soon as that beat begins,

infants from all around the world begin bopping around, making us all smile. Even for the smallest among us, music is a highly potent force.

Baby Ethan is amassing views on YouTube. At his father’s final performance, the 17-month-old infant attacked the stage.

As he took the stage at a New Year’s Eve concert, Coffey, the father of country artist Ethan, was unaware of what was happening.

The audience cheered along as Coffey stood on stage and played an enthusiastic song on his acoustic guitar.

Despite the packed house, one fan stole the show. Ethan the infant rushed out onto the platform to embrace his father’s legs.

Together, the audience sent out a collective ‘Awww,’ and Coffey kept singing and grinning. The audience’s ovation grows louder as Ethan steps back and begins to wave his hand in the air.

When his child steals the spotlight, Coffey keeps singing like a great pro. As the audience notices the little guy who just won’t quit being adorable, they applaud more and more loudly.

While still playing, he smiles and bounces around the stage as he turns to see his son. Backstage, the infant runs to his mother and offers her a fist bump.

At the conclusion of the song, little Ethan runs outside to his father again. Coffey acknowledges the audience as

they applaud and clap for infant Ethan. The entire video is one endearing clip that will undoubtedly put a grin on your face.

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