Post by Ella Travolta regarding her father. Fans of John Travolta become quite emotional

Many people forget that John Travolta is a single father with two living children. The actor lost one of his

children in 2009, and his commitment to being a fantastic father to his two live children is palpable.

And it appears that he has been doing an excellent job, despite the fact that it has not always been simple.

In addition to being an excellent actor, John Travolta is also a devoted parent. Ben Travolta, his son,

was born in 2010, and Ella Travolta, his daughter, was born in 2000. Jett Travolta, his oldest son, was born in 1992 but tragically died in 2009 at the age of 16.

Father John Travolta is a really devoted man. The actor recently turned 69, and of course, his kids wanted to honor the father who reared them.

ever since Kelly Preston, the wife of John Travolta, died of cancer in 2020. Travolta has been a single father since then.

Naturally, he and his kids have become even closer. His relationship with Ella, his daughter, makes us shiver. They have a lovely connection between the two of them.

She shared a photo of herself smiling cheek to cheek with her father along with a cute remark. ‘My hero’s birthday was yesterday,’she wrote.

The best parent, friend, and role model anyone could ask for, she continued. I’m in love with you, Daddy.

Naturally, the loving father responded by writing on the photo, ‘I love you too, my dearest Ella. more than you realize.

You are really lucky to have him as your hero and have such an amazing relationship, said an emotional fan.

This is something so few females have with their fathers! Keep it safe like a great treasure since that’s what it is!

Another person wrote, ’I admire you Ella,’ You are, like many of us, your father’s keeper! Please

keep an eye out for him. He is a wonderful person with a wonderful heart who has so much love to give.

The attachment between members of the family is openly expressed. John Travolta has frequently shown his love for and admiration for his kids on social media.

He shared a cute photo of Ella on her 21st birthday and captioned it, ‘Happy 21st birthday to the most gorgeous, compassionate human being and artist I know. Your dad loves you very much!

Ella also paid tribute to her father earlier on Father’s Day in a post. ‘You make parenting look so easy, albeit it not always is,’ she wrote in the post.

Every day is better than the last, she added in the caption, and whenever his kids are depressed, she ‘brings joy.’ She called John her ’best friend’ as well.

She wished him a Happy Father’s Day and said, ‘I want to be even half as good of a dad as you someday.’

Ella Travolta has launched her own acting career in the same vein as her parents. In actuality, she received her first job when she was only 9 years old.

In addition, she co-starred in the 2019 thriller The Poison Rose with her father and Morgan Freeman.

John Travolta often uses the chance to express his love and admiration for his children. She is her own person, the adoring father declared.

She exudes composure, generosity, grace, and beauty. I have no idea how she came to be, and I don’t claim any merit for her other than pure admiration.

I am utterly in love with the Travolta family. They have experienced so much tragedy while being such nice individuals. I want they could remain thus close to one another forever.

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