The dog had entered the bed of the child. What the child’s mother recorded on video is simply unbelievable

Every pet owner has felt the dread that comes with losing track of their animal. Particularly cats are known for finding cunning hiding places, but occasionally canines will also participate in the fun.

Ten years ago, Kristin adopted Raven, and she has never looked back. Kristin’s family has experienced great delight thanks to Raven,

who has become a cherished friend and a source of constant amusement. And he still finds ways to surprise his owner after all these time.

One day, Kristin noticed she couldn’t find Raven anywhere as she looked around her home.
Raven was

nowhere to be found despite her thorough search of the living room, kitchen, and all of her favorite haunts.

Kristin questioned whether she had somehow forgotten to bring Raven inside from the outdoors or left the door open.

But, Kristin realized Raven wasn’t there after going around to the back and looking in the yard. The mother of Addison,

Kristin, didn’t want to check her room and wake up her sleeping child. Yet after looking in every crevice, it was the only place left to look.

The moment was so cute. Kristin felt motivated to make a video. It received more than 9.8 million views after she shared it on Facebook.

The video was accompanied by an explanation of the incident and a touching note from Kristin: ‘The moment you can’t find your dog,

and you even go outside looking for him… only to enter the house and see him curled up close to your young child in bed.

She said, ‘Those who say’money can’t buy happiness’ have never paid an adoption fee.
‘I left a rescue 10 years ago with this small dog, and I frequently wonder… who rescued who?’

I provided him a place to live, but he gave me a lot more than that.

Because there are too many animals in shelters and people prefer to buy from pet shops and breeders, sadly, over 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are put down every year.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, if more individuals choose to adopt pets rather than buy them, the amount of animals put to death might be drastically decreased.

By bringing a loving animal into your family through adoption, you help save them and free up a shelter spot for an additional animal in need.

Kristin’s post is a wonderful reminder of the unconditional love that rescue animals may provide. Read the comments on the video:

‘Aww, this is really cute, and he’s even cuddling up to her under the covers. As long as he is present, they won’t have to worry about anyone mistreating her.

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