The emotional performance of the father of 6 children touched the audience, and Simon even…Video

Michael Ketterer returned to America’s Got Talent, and the wait was definitely worth it!

As you recall, Michael appeared on the show very early in the season and received the second Golden Buzzer of AGT Season 13.

Michael is a pediatric mental health specialist and the father of six children, many of whom were adopted from foster care. Why wouldn’t America embrace him just for that?

Michael is not only a stand-up man, but he also possesses a tremendous set of pipes. During his audition, he wowed the judges enormously, so much so that Simon Cowell sent him straight to Hollywood!

After receiving the Golden Buzzer, Michael was able to bypass the Judges Cut round, in which artists were eliminated based on the judges’ opinions, and proceed directly to the Live performances.

Simon had to shout his praises before he could even perform on AGT for the second time. Simon could not stop complimenting Michael!

‘He is terrific, he is just a great human being and a great singer. I’m overjoyed. I’m overjoyed right now. I truly, truly am!’

Michael chose ’Us’ by James Bay for his second performance on the AGT stage. The song is incredibly dramatic, and Michael’s voice appears to have heightened its intensity.

The entire crowd and all four judges were on their feet and cheering for Michael by the time he finished singing.

Tyra Banks went to Simon first for commentary, and the judge attempted to pass because he was overcome with emotion.

Tyra, on the other hand, would not let them pass him by! She urged Simon express his emotions.

‘Oh my god, Michael, look oh my gosh. As a father, I understand why I can’t image what you’ve done,

let alone being on this show. And you desperately need it, and you’re a very unique individual. I’m not sure what it is about you!»

Tyra then applauded Simon for being willing to expose his vulnerable side to those watching at home and in the audience,

despite Simon’s reputation as a strong guy. Simon’s softer side has emerged as a result of being a father!

Mel B was trying to make drawings on her papers to keep from crying.

‘You’re just an amazing person, an amazing human being, you know that. to take on and adopt all of these children,

giving them life, as you have done. And your voice sings with such honesty and truth. I sobbed at the very first thing you said.

Heidi Klum’s criticism was brief but incredibly accurate. She uttered:’More men like you are needed.’

The video below shows Michael Ketterer’s second appearance on America’s Got Talent:

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