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Nicole Kidman often attends church with her famous husband and two of her children, despite the fact that her friends frequently make fun of her for her fervent religious beliefs.

Nicole Kidman, star of ‘Bombshell,’ is the proud mother of four kids. Her two oldest children, Connor and Bella,

were born when she was dating actor Tom Cruise, while Faith and Sunday were added to the family after she wed country music icon Keith Urban.

In a Vanity Fair interview, Kidman acknowledged that she had ingrained her faith in her youngest children,

who regularly attend church in spite of being bullied by friends. She has always had a close connection to religion, and not just Catholicism.

Tom Cruise’s wife is an outspoken Scientologist

Kidman has acted in numerous popular movies and TV episodes throughout the years, such as ’The Hours,’

‘Rabbit Hole,’ ’Big Little Lies,’ and ‘Nine Perfect Strangers.’ Her previous marriage wasn’t an exception to how much attention her successful job has brought to her personal life.

Tom Cruise, star of ‘Mission: Impossible,’ one of the most well-known adherents of the Church of Scientology,

was the fortunate one. On the set of ‘Days of Thunder,’ the former couple first connected in 1989, and they instantly clicked.

After only a year of dating, they got married in 1990, and they immediately set out to grow their family.

Shortly after saying ’I do,’ Kidman became pregnant. Sadly, she had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby.

Both kids grew up as Scientologists after joining Cruise and Kidman’s family through the Church of Scientology.

In 2001, the actress became pregnant once more, but the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Later on in the year, Cruise divorced.

Kidman reportedly received the designation of Suppressive Person—a Church opponent who obstructs the advancement of

other Scientologists or the Scientology movement—while Isabella and Connor remained with Cruise and the Scientology.

Relationship With Her Children Is Tense

Kidman’s connection with her children is said to have suffered as a result of her classification as a Scientology Suppressive Person. They don’t often interact anymore.

Nonetheless, the church, Kidman, and her kids have noted that there was no role for religion in that. In 2014, Connor confessed his love for Kidman and that their bond was ‘strong.’

The actress once remarked that she honored her children’s convictions by keeping their lives private and that they were adults capable of making their own decisions.

Kidman claimed that Isabella resided outside of London because she has always felt English. The ‘Aquaman’ actress reconnected

with both of her children during the coronavirus outbreak, despite missing her daughter’s 2015 wedding to IT specialist Max Parker.

Connor resided in Clearwater, Florida in 2022. In addition to being in the top echelons of Scientology,

he also owned Connor’s Meat Shack, a Barbecue joint. He is also a deep-sea fisherman, and in 2019, he reportedly wed Silvia Zanchi, a fellow Scientologist.

In Bella’s situation, she works as an auditor for the Church of Scientology in the UK. She expressed her gratitude to her father on social media for helping her accomplish such a remarkable feat.

Family of Kidman and Urban

Although Kidman and her adopted children may not get along well, things have changed since she joined her new family.

She had her daughter Sunday in 2008 after getting married to country music legend Keith Urban in June 2006.

Faith, the couple’s second child, was born through gestational surrogacy in 2010. Although Kidman and Urban both prefer

to keep their daughters out of the public eye, they occasionally post pictures of them on social media.

On Memorial Day in 2021, Urban posted a picture of his wife and daughters facing a lowered American flag while facing away from the camera.

The actress acknowledged that because her daughters had lived in many nations, they were ‘global children’ with pals all over the world. Added her:

‘[My girls] moan that they have to move around a lot since that’s sort of their lifestyle, but the most important thing is that we keep our family together,’ I said.

What Kidman regrets most

Kidman regrets not having had more children since she enjoys being a mother so much. Although she would have like to have ten children, life had other ideas.

She was only able to have four children because of her fertility troubles. She now ‘gets to mother’ 12 godchildren in addition to her nieces, nephew, and niece.

The ‘Being the Ricardos’ actress said she adored children because they were ‘unfiltered’ and eccentric. She also takes pleasure in watching them develop and follow their own paths.

Kidman’s Beliefs in Religion

Despite Kidman’s ten years of membership in the Church of Scientology during her romance with Cruise, she was raised in an Irish Catholic household.

She was raised in prayer by her ‘extremely Catholic’ grandmother, who also gifted her a diamond-encrusted

crucifix that she seldom ever removes. Kidman once claimed to be a devout individual who ‘definitely’ believed in God.

Even more, the actress stated that she wished to become a nun. Despite being ‘extremely pulled’ in that direction, she ultimately chose to become one of Hollywood’s most prominent actors.

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