5-Year-Old Belts Out ‘My Way,’ the judges can’t believe such voice is coming from such a small body

Auditionees for America’s Got Talent come from various walks of life and stages of development. It doesn’t matter how old or young the participants are, everyone wants to show off their skills.

There is no age restriction on America’s Got Talent, in contrast to American Idol and other talent competitions.

A person with the necessary skills should go to the auditions and give it their all. Everybody, from age 5 to 85, has an equal opportunity to win.

That’s how little Sophie Fatu, at age 5, got to perform on America’s Got Talent.As soon as Sophie walked out, the judges fell in love with her.

Heidi Klum started questioning the small girl, wondering if she had to fly to Los Angeles for her audition.

Sophie confirmed this, revealing that this was her first flight. Sophie was also awed by the large turnout for her audition.

Sophie was eager to proclaim her undying love for ‘Mr. Simon’ as her favorite judge on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ despite the fact that Heidi was the judge who had direct contact with her.

She even went for the juiciest level of cuteness by telling Simon she dreamed about him. She woke up from the dream with a vivid memory of him pressing the Golden Buzzer.

Too bad for Sophie, Simon has already utilized his buzzer opportunity for this season. At her audition, he apparently did not tell this five-year-old that.

Simon Cowell, Sophie’s favorite judge, got to give his commentary first. He said:

‘Well, we weren’t expecting that, Sophie. You know what, I love that song. Normally people about 90 sing

that song about what their life’s been like and you sing it at five. You are hilarious. I want you to date my son!’

Apparently, Simon’s son, Eric, has recently split up with his girlfriend, so Simon wants to introduce the two of them. Take the chance while you’ve got it, Sophie!

The judges all were so taken by how cute Sophie is, all four of them gave her a ‘yes’ vote to push her into the next round!

America’s Got Talent airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 8 PM, followed by World of Dance.

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