William Daniels was his wife’s first boyfriend, and they’ve been married for 71 years. Even at the age of 95, he did the unexpected to protect his wife

We are making an effort to install a variety of home security systems, including surveillance cameras, alarms, and locks.

In spite of this, there are instances in which the level of protection that we install in our homes is

not always sufficient to guarantee that no one will attempt to break into those homes in the dead of night.

It is one thing to use these security systems to safeguard yourselves and your property, but it is an entirely different thing to do so when you are already in a potentially dangerous situation.

What steps would you take to protect your home if an intruder broke in?

Some of us set up weapons to fend off a person, such as pepper spray, bats, or our fighting stance, in the hopes that it will be sufficient to scare them away.

But could you say that even at your most panicked, you were able to carry out your preparations? I bet not, and perhaps just let the adrenaline surge take over.

Actor William ‘Bill’ Daniels from ‘Boy Meets World’ used the best self-defense possible to stop a burglar.

When Inside Edition questioned Bill about what he did when a burglar entered their home, Bill responded,

‘I grabbed him by the neck, threw him down, bang bang bang (does punching movements), picked him up, bang bang bang (punching actions again)’.

or at least how he planned to have done it. You want to know the truth, he enquired.

In bed with his wife and former co-star Bonnie Bartlett, the 91-year-old actor who portrayed the eponymous Mr. Feeney slept peacefully.

They heard three huge bangs near their back door on a Saturday night, followed by the sound of its glass shattering.

What actually happened, then? Bill only needed to take one easy action to stop the thief.

The moment he turned on the lights, Bonnie shrieked in terror. The perpetrator was sufficiently startled by that for him to flee.

Three shattered glass panels and glass shards on the floor were all that were left of them. The two were thankfully secure.

Bill’s straightforward yet brave act was praised by fans and former co-stars.

Fans of the 90s program praised Mr. Feeney for saving the day when this occurrence was reported on ABC7’s Twitter account.

Many of them made reference to his adored persona, with co-star Will Friedle tweeting:
Never misbehave around Mr. Feeney, please.

According to Bill, he and Bonnie then went back to sleep.

Before calling their son to explain what happened, though.

The pair was not the goal of the attack, according to the Los Angeles Police District, who arrived on the scene quickly.

Bill and Bonnie preferred to enhance their security and alarm system since they didn’t want to take any chances.

All of their lengthy marriage was the source of all of their worry and protection.

The two actors who played Dr. Mark and Ellen Craig in the medical drama “St. Elsewhere” from the 1980s are happily married and say they are each other’s greatest loves.

Bill genuinely cared about Bonnie, and he would stop at nothing to protect her—even if that meant only turning on the lights.

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