It is unbelievable. What do the actresses of the series Friends look like after 29 years?

Fans of the three beauties of the Friends series know that the actresses are friends not only on the set.

Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox have maintained friendly relations until now.

It’s just that social gatherings are organized quite rarely, as each of the three actresses has quite a busy schedule.

But neither Jen nor Lisa could refuse Courtney Cox’s special invitation. And just the other day, the three ‘Friends’ stars were back in public together, just like the good old days.

‘Friends’ is not just recognized as one of the best comedy shows in the history of American television.

You see, the last episode of the series was released back in 2004. And millions of Friends fans are still calling for their favorite show to return to the screens.

Unfortunately, people have become attached to the soul of the ‘Magnificent Six’ actors and the adventures of their characters.

However, fans of the series hope. No wonder the show’s creators even released a special episode in 2021 called Friends ‘Reunion’.

Initially, however, the continuation of ‘Friends’ was supposed to appear on the screens in 2020, but the coronavirus epidemic changed all the plans of the television people.

It was in 2021 when fans of the famous show last saw Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox on the same screen.

And the constantly busy work schedule does not allow the trio to meet any of the Hollywood receptions.

But then Courteney Cox got the news that a personalized star will be opened for her on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Only 2,750 actors have received this honor throughout the history of American cinema. At first glance, this is a huge number.

But if you think about it, you will quickly understand that such honors are not given to anyone.

Of course, to keep her company during the ceremony, Courtney Cox asked not a stranger, but her famous friends.

Thus, the three stars of the ‘Friends’ series appeared together again in public. Of course, soon

the apple had no place to fall during the ceremony. The fans of the show enthusiastically applauded their idols.

However, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were not limited only to friendly support. Brad Pitt’s ex-wife shared pictures taken during the ceremony on the Internet.

And two more girlfriends gave a heartfelt speech together dedicated to Courtney. ‘We are honored to be here today as your friends, family, or even sisters,’ Jennifer said.

Aniston then developed the idea. ‘Being friends with Cox is like being part of her family. She seems

to be responsible for you, will always support you in difficult moments, radiates care and participation.

And so from the very first meeting.’ ‘Courtney was like this almost 30 years ago when we first met, and she’s still the best of the best,’ Lisa told her friend. Yes, such a company can only be envied.

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