Elvis performs a heartfelt cover of Willie Nelson’s classic (video)

The song ‘Always On My Mind’ is often associated with Elvis Presley even though it was not written by or about him.

A number factors, some practical and some sympathetic, have contributed to this. Presley’s status as one of, if not the largest, recording artists of the age in 1972,

when he recorded his rendition of the song, is a major factor. By that reasoning, any song he covers will forever be associated with Elvis.

That he recorded it not long after amicably divorcing Priscilla is the explanation I like best since I think it gets at a deeper human truth.

Because of this, the song touches the hearts of everyone who hears it.

Watching this clip is a terrific way to get a feel for how Elvis’s isolation influenced his performance.

Elvis and his relationship with Priscilla are first introduced in a narrated prologue.

‘Elvis’s divorce was probably the hardest thing for him to accept in his life. After making news with their Las Vegas wedding five years prior,

Elvis and Priscilla were now in court to finalize their divorce…. Elvis had suffered a devastating loss that would haunt him forever.

Moving on, we see Elvis give a performance in which you can feel every nuance of the song.
Knowing the backstory between

Elvis and his ex-wife makes it clear that he is singing honestly about his personal heartbreak, making the song considerably more powerful.

No longer is he ‘beautiful boy’ Elvis, but rather the more experienced and wiser man who remains.
Knowing that he is singing about his own suffering rips your heart.

Elvis’s ability to sing from the heart is well-known, but it is more moving when he does so in a love song. But, when he sings about his suffering, the audience feels it in their bones.

Their history together, both good and bad, is explored in the video. Very emotional highs and lows are guaranteed.

We get to witness them on family trips with their kids, all while listening to Elvis’s angelic voice.

I’m sure a lot of Elvis’ adolescent fangirls were overjoyed to hear that he was back on the market, but I can only imagine the bittersweetness of the situation.

It would be heartbreaking to see Elvis so obviously distressed by his love for Presley. Those who still hold the ‘King of Rock’

in such high esteem must have had this song permanently etched into their brains, as he continues to be revered to this day.

At one time, he appeared to be enjoying life.
Because of his tragically early passing, many have lamented that Elvis’s absence from the music industry would never be fully filled.

Every teen heartthrob, as they develop into adulthood, is inevitably likened to Elvis. Can they, however, achieve the same depth of emotional truth?

If you want to see this moving interpretation of the King’s legendary ballad, make sure to watch the complete video down below.Don’t be shy in sharing this with your loved ones.

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