The couple dreamed of giving birth to their fourth child but fate prepared for them another surprise

After giving birth to her three boys, the mother also dreamed of giving birth to a girl. Destiny has been generous to this family. She gave birth to sextuplets.

In the close-knit Waldrop family grow nine adorable children.Eric and Courtney, during their 22-year married life, had a son, twins and sextuplets.

The couple named their firstborn Sailor. When the little one turned three years old, Courtney was pregnant again, the couple was overjoyed. Twins, Wales and Bridge, were born.

It is always nice to have sons, they are the support of the family, but Mrs. Waldrop also dreamed of a daughter. When Courtney got pregnant again, the ultrasound showed she was expecting six children!

‘The first thing that came to my mind that this was impossible. But over time, we adapt to everything, we put ourselves in harmony with the circumstances.

You have to make an effort on yourself by trying to combine professional life with family life. One has to develop a constant system and,

based on that, move forward to deal with all the complexities. You have to accept this new reality, as crazy as it may seem,’ says Courtney.

The pregnancy and delivery took place under the close supervision of the doctors. She gave birth to babies at Huntsville Hospital

in Alabama. They were quite weak.They weighed less than a kilogram. Fortunately, we managed to save the lives of all the little ones.

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