The girl who was born with a facial defect had a completely different appearance on her wedding day. Just look at her…

One of the most exciting times in life is finding out you’re going to have children, and you just hope the child will be born healthily.

From Corby, England, Tony and Theresa Hall are two devoted parents. At least based on what the prenatal testing appeared to show,

they had believed that everything was going well with their unborn child. Yet, the parents were able to tell that their daughter wasn’t in the best of health at birth.

She actually had a congenital defect from the beginning. If she wanted to live a healthy life, she would need assistance.

Under her left eye, baby Cody was born with a hemangioma. Because of this situation, benign tumors can develop from stem cells. A huge mark on Cody’s face is all that remains of her illness.

Her parents wanted to improve her life because they loved her from the minute they first saw her.

Many walks were taken with her, and she was free to freely investigate her surroundings. Nevertheless, onlookers weren’t exactly kind to the Halls.

The Orlando Sentinel quoted Tony as saying, ‘In England, our neighbor questioned my wife if we placed a bag over [Cody’s] head when we brought her out.

The stares and remarks from the uneducated people in this world who don’t comprehend what’s wrong with her are the worst part.

Cody’s condition was only becoming worse as time passed. Tony and Theresa decided to take a vacation because she would require surgery to repair her ailment.

They took her to the plastic surgeon Dr. David Apfelberg in Atherton, California. Cody’s growth was successfully removed by the doctor following numerous laser sessions.

Her parents were happy with her improved health, but they also wanted Cody to live a typical life and be able to fit in. To even out her skin, additional procedure would be necessary.

Dr. Milton Waner was then seen by them in New York. The scars on Cody’s face could be removed by this doctor, however it wouldn’t be simple.

She had severe tissue damage, according to Dr. Waner, who spoke to Fox News. ‘We carried out a number of treatments to return her face to normalcy.’

Cody underwent 18 surgery throughout the course of her 14 years on earth. Without the assistance of total strangers, the Hall family would not have been able to pay these pricey surgeries.

They raised $376,000 through their fundraising effort for Cody’s medical bills. The family was incredibly appreciative of this fantastic chance for their daughter.

She now appears to be significantly better, Dr. Waner said. ‘You wouldn’t realize she had any issues if you saw her strolling down the street,’ a friend said.

Cody may now go about her life without worrying about rude looks from strangers. She married the love of her life in November 2017 and is now living the happily ever after.

Cody told The Sun, ‘It was an emotional day and there were some tears, but just tears of pleasure,

especially when I saw [my husband] at the altar. I really want to show them that there is a happy ending,’ she exclaimed.

Cody’s tale is one of change and sacrifice, and she is grateful to her parents for their dedication

to supporting her in regaining her health. The Halls are a good illustration of what it means to prioritize your child.

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