When a mother asks her daughter to describe her first day at preschool, the child responds in the funniest way possible.

Kids’ reactions often catch me off guard and make me smile for a very long time. I’ve seen quite a few of those films where kids are seen responding to queries or to regular surprises in life.

I just watched a video compilation of children’s emotions to learning they will have a newborn brother or sister.

The most creative methods to inform their children would come from the parents. I once saw someone fill a large box with balloons as an illustration.

The children were instructed to open the box to determine the baby’s gender and that if the balloons were pink, the baby was a girl.

The presence of blue or red balloons would indicate a boy’s impending birth.In the first of these videos, a young boy and girl were featured.

After finishing the explanation with them, the parents instructed children to open the box. When the little girl opens the package, several pink balloons start to fly out,

and she jumps with joy at the prospect of playing with another little girl. But, the boy doesn’t appear to be having as much fun. He begins to scowl and then begins sobbing after a little while.

Another video showed four young people seated in front of another box. Their parents had informed them that a teddy bear is contained in the box.

The gender of the teddy bear would depend on its color. When the children open the box, they find a blue teddy bear lying inside.

When the poor little girl cannot believe what she sees, the lad begins to laugh and exult. She questions her parents as

well as looks in the box to see whether there is another teddy bear. She begins crying when they tell her no, and her brother tries to cheer her up.

I’ve seen other videos with kids asking or responding to questions. I just watched a video of a young child asking her mother why she was upset.

Her mother explained to her that it was because she had a full schedule that day. When she said that she had many reasons to be joyful,

the young girl startled both her mother and me. She had hands and stuff to do, which is something that many individuals do not.

I’ll keep it up with the unexpected replies from kids by showing you the video below. A mother decides to get a synopsis of her daughter’s

first day of kindergarten from the child. Her mother anticipates her daughter to report that everything went smoothly. Her daughter’s questions make her ROFL.

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