A young girl performs ‘Moon River’ for her dog, causing more than 1 million people to cry.

Emilie, age 7, adores her pet dog, Sharky.

Fans of canines are guaranteed to enjoy this clip. Nothing can replace a dog’s unconditional love and loyalty.

There are those of us who dote on and sing to our dogs, while others of us prefer to leave them in peace.

Despite her young age, Emilie is already a brilliant pianist, which explains why she has chosen to play for her adorable puppy.

It’s also a timeless tune that has stood the test of time.There is no written score, only feelings, especially love.

Famously, Audrey Hepburn sang “Moon River” in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The song’s composer, Henry Mancini, and lyricist, Johnny Mercer, had always envisioned Hepburn performing it in the iconic film.

The songs and lyrics of Johnny Mercer often reflect his early life in Savannah, Georgia. In the summers, he would go out and collect huckleberries.

That which he associated with his own carefree youth and with Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.

This story is full with talented and imaginative people.Emilie, at the tender age of seven, already plays the piano.

She might have gone with a modern hit or a nursery rhyme, but instead she went with an ancient standard.

She has good taste; even Sharky admits as much.

After all, it’s a tune that won an Oscar for Best Original Song and two Grammys for Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Sharky can identify a masterwork when he hears one!When this amazing young lady sang, it seemed as if the ghost of Holly Golightly was there.

That’s why one person remarked, ‘It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.’

‘That’s incredible; first, the youngster has skill much beyond her years, and second, no one would

let a dog sit on top of their grand piano unless it was a treasured member of the family. WOW!’

Wow, Emilie is amazing; she nails every note.
You’ll find yourself listening to the music with your eyes closed and praying she wouldn’t stop.

To think that the famous moment with Hepburn singing almost didn’t make it into the film.

The head of Paramount Pictures felt that the screenplay was too long and suggested cutting the iconic scene on the fire escape outside of Golightly’s New York City apartment.

The success of ‘Moon River’ was very nearly thwarted. Apparently Audrey Hepburn insisted that the moment and the song be included in the final version.

That’s why Emilie, at the tender age of seven, already knows the lyrics.The achievements of powerful and gifted women are truly astounding.

Sharky is being such a good boy by sitting still and not making any noise while the pianist plays.
No one ever thought to ask a dog if it liked music until it turned out they did.

He recognizes the talent in his little hooman, and we, for our part, can’t wait to see what Emilie has become in ten or so years.

Don’t stop putting on the oldies, Emilie!

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