Everyone was surprised when a group of these grown-ups came out on stage and started singing… You won’t imagine what happened next…video

Britain’s Got Talent, or BGT, is a variety program where performers of all kinds may share their skills with the nation.

The best thing is that they just produced an episode in which people of all ages can take part.

Participants compete in front of a live audience for a £250,000 cash prize. The Zimmers were the first group to win over the hearts of many.

Simon, Carmen, Alesha, and David, the show’s four judges, are perplexed by the elderly contestants (age range 66 – 88 years).

Alf Carretta and the other veteran singers take a few moments to get comfortable onstage. As a result,

Simon inquires as to whether or not they are prepared to give their performance. The audience, however, is having a good time even before the performance begins.

The Zimmers kick off their set with Jackie Deshannon’s ‘What the World Needs Now is Love,’ a 1965 classic.

Soon, though, they switch to the Beastie Boys’ ’80s hip-hop single ‘(You Gotta) Battle for Your Right (To Party!) The audience laughs hysterically at their performance.

Christine Leeworthy, better known as Crissy Lee, is a 75-year-old retired military officer and ardent drummer.

It isn’t until the audition, after the curtains have been pulled back, that her performance is revealed.

Among the songs she sings are ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen, ‘Dude (Looks Like a Woman)’ by Aerosmith, and ‘The Last Countdown’ by Europe.

Kenny Petrie, a 64-year-old director and guitarist, is up next. Before beginning his audition,

he opened the case he had set on the floor. But then he plays a strong metal tune on his electric guitar, which really blows the judges’ minds.

The 82-year-old rapper Barry Newton decided to perform a rap cover of STORMZY’s ‘SHUT UP,’ complete with cussing.

Everyone in attendance laughed at the humorous show. The expression on Simon’s face was priceless.

Newton’s portrayal of the puppy was so endearing to him. Although he made it to the next round, he was unable to continue to the semifinals.

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